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Interested in ordering custom cookies? Here’s how it works!
First, fill out our cookie inquiry form. Please provide as much detail about your order as possible
and provide any reference photos if needed. This helps us plan a quote for your cookie order
quickly and easily.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will provide you with a quote for your custom
cookie order. All custom orders require 50% advance payment paid within 48 hours of receiving
your invoice. The rest of the payment is due 48 hours prior to pickup.

As soon as we have emailed you back with your quote, you will have 48 hours to get back to us
with more details or to confirm the details. If we have not received any response within 48
hours, we can no longer guarantee your order date and we will be moving on to other cookie

If you have confirmed your order, great! We will send the order invoice to the email you provide.
Once your retainer fee is received, your order will be confirmed. Within 48 hours of your pickup
date, you will receive an email with pickup details and instructions.
The final step in the process is for you to fully enjoy your cookies!

More cookie information:
All custom cookie orders start at $50.00 per dozen. This price is a base price and will increase with
the complexity (multiple designs/colours/shapes, etc.) of the order. Any metallics will be an
additional $5 per dozen.
All cookie orders will come individually packaged and heat-sealed. If you have any additional
packaging requests, please make a note of them in your contact form.
All cookie orders are prepared and baked in a health-inspected kitchen within my home.
Unfortunately at this time, I do not offer gluten-free or vegan/dairy-free options.
Our cookies are made in a kitchen with known food allergens. If you have any concerns or
questions please contact me before ordering!

Orders are not confirmed until the retainer fee is received and a confirmation email is sent.

Need those cookies quick? All custom orders require two weeks’ notice. While I may not be able
to accommodate all last-minute orders, I can often try! A 20% rush fee may be applied for any
order requested with less than two weeks’ notice.

In the unfortunate case of cancellation, a full refund will be provided up to 2 weeks before the pickup date.

All custom orders require a minimum of one dozen. Once the minimum dozen is met, you may add as many other cookies as you need.

While I do love inspiration photos, cookies may not always be an exact replica of said inspiration
photos. This also counts for the colours of the cookies. While I can try to get colours to match,
sometimes screens or lighting can cause differences in the colours which may result in slight
differences in the cookies you get versus the inspiration colours. Here at IFL Cookies, we understand that some events are a big deal and you want your cookies to be absolutely perfect! If you have very specific designs in mind and you want to see them
before they are “cookie-fied” ask us about providing a design sketch for an extra fee.

Order Changes
Indecision can be awful. Changes to your order can be made no later than one week before the pickup date.

Out of my Hands
Once you pick up your order (thank you again for ordering!), what happens with your cookies is out of my hands. Keep them safe and definitely out of reach of any counter-surfing dogs! If you have any storage questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

No one likes an emergency. If in the unfortunate circumstance you have one come up, we can freeze your cookies up to two weeks for you. If in the unfortunate circumstance that I have an emergency come up and can no longer make your cookies, I will notify you immediately and you will be fully refunded.

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